about MOCCCA consulting frankfurt.

MOCCCA Consulting Frankfurt is a network of consultants, self-employed professionals and agencies specialized in different areas of management consulting.

Our work is based on three pillars: Consulting, Coaching and Change.

We at MOCCCA Consulting offer companies professional and holistic consulting in the areas of sales, IT, business and real estate. We are strongly engaged in the topic of digitalization and help our clients to deal more efficiently with the new digital working tools in their private or business life and to improve working methods.

Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves to the area of coaching and offer our clients various workshops. Here we work as a network and arrange digital and analog workshops from external partners in addition to our own workshops.

In the last step – change – we accompany you in the implementation of your learned practices.

To be able to guarantee our comprehensive services, we rely on our partners. Because you can only grow together! MOCCCA Consulting procures individual services or, upon customer request, personnel and end devices. However, we also take over the organization and coordination ourselves upon request or for larger and more long-term projects. Due to our approach of handing over tasks or mediating them to partners, we can offer our customers a high degree of flexibility and cover many subject areas. With our goal-oriented consulting approach, we try to communicate the advantages and disadvantages to our customers in a measurable and transparent way at all times. We use a variety of media to stay in contact with our clients and thus ensure a high level of accessibility, flexibility and transparency.
Our goal is to grow together with companies. Through this orientation, our wealth of experience continues to grow and so does the network we can draw on.

So we at MOCCCA Consulting Frankfurt are not generalists, but specialists working together


sales consulting.

Not only founding, but also selling! Many young entrepreneurs have very good ideas, solutions and products, but selling them is a challenge. In the area of sales consulting, we offer advice on lead generation and use our network and experience to broker products and services as well as the affiliate portfolio. For this purpose, we can offer advertising materials and sales support services and provide expert advice on designing apps, flyers, advertisements or online stores. In addition, we can help you with recruitment for IT sales. We provide you with our sales know-how!

it consulting.

Do you need assistance in the area of IT? Then contact MOCCCA Consulting! We offer companies comprehensive IT consulting and help to optimize IT processes. One of the main focuses is IT consulting regarding hardware and software up to end devices or smaller networks. Together with you, we develop IT solutions in the area of UC and advise on IT service design. We accompany your company in app development, support you in addition to the classic IT services also in questions about web presences, advertising materials and topics related to e-commerce and offer personnel placement for IT specialist areas.

We find solutions for your concerns!

business consulting.

MOCCCA Consulting provides you with professional start-up and business consulting. We are happy to pass on our experience from company start-ups and restructurings and can thus provide added value at an early stage of a start-up. In doing so, we accompany our clients from the idea to the implementation and provide tips for the preparation of business and financial plans. Our goal is to grow together with small businesses and start-ups.
With our expertise, we advise companies on the digitalization of business processes and in areas such as dropshipping and crypto and trading, helping them to achieve their goals. Our business consulting work also includes staffing and recruiting.

With MOCCCA Consulting on your side, you have the opportunity to grow!

real estate consulting.

You want to reduce your energy costs? Then MOCCCA Consulting is the perfect partner for you! In the field of real estate consulting we offer a holistic energy consulting. We analyze your energy costs and help to optimize the digitalization of property management. We advise you on the purchase and sale as well as the valuation of real estate. In doing so, we address your needs individually.

Profit from our knowledge!


In the area of coaching, we support you in promoting your competencies and strengths, in further training and in developing long-term solutions. We offer sales workshops that focus primarily on MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and the mission and vision united in the mission statement. Our services include workshops in crypto and blockchain, trading (crypto), wealth building and management, and personality (DISG). Additionally, we provide coaching platforms for freelance coaches and trainers on yoga, nutrition and online consulting.

We aim to provide you with valuable new perspectives and ways of seeing things. With our approach, we work with you to achieve your goals by helping you strengthen your resources.


We bring you to your goal! The Change phase is all about implementing your plans. We help you with the analysis of the sales organization and the creation of web and store systems. Professional support in the various implementation phases of individual projects in sales and digitalization is our concern. We support you in the introduction of CRM systems and offer active sales support with telemarketing and call centers.